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Front-End Project

This project displays many different skills using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. From simple things like creating a resume using HTML5 to creating forms using JavaScript.

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Game Development

This is a project I wanted to create while learning JavaScript to display my understanding of Design Principles and Game Design. I used JavaScript to create this simple avatar customization game or feature. I used some inspiration from some cartoons and basic design to make it a quick, simple game for users.

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Website Redesign

I spoke to a local stakeholder with Cuddle Bunny to ask if they would reconsider a redesign on the webpage. She was kind enough to take the interview. The feedback from her, customers, and secondary research made me understand the direct goals of this line of business and the problems the current website provides to users.

This was an end-to-end product design that I worked on research, information architecture, and UI design using Adobe XD. I typically would use Figma, but I wanted to try to a different software to design.

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