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Google Maps Redesign

I did a redesign of the Google Maps app. I found the flow to be frustrating and the overall UI design to be overwhelming. I did a end-to-end product dredesign of the app.


I conducted interviews and you can see the script and answers here. Based on the interviews I was able to determine two different types of users - frequent users and casual users. This allowed me to make two different personas to get a better idea of what pain points were most evident for all users.


Information Architecture

The Design Team and I sketched out several screens to test different elements that could work well to make the screen more efficient. A user flow was redone as well. The Design Team and I then put it on a whiteboard to narrow down design decisions and strategize the user flow.


User Flows

Prototype and User Testing

The prototype was designed and developed on Axure. We tested the prototype with the same users that we interviewed to stay consistent with the pain points and iterations needed to continue to improve the product.


Lessons Learned

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