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Graphic Design Projects

Here are some promotional posters and art that I have done with Adobe Creative Cloud. I enjoy being able to recreate movie posters and abstract artwork using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

collage 4.jpg


This is a collage I used different elements to create. Mostly masking images in Photoshop to show different areas and architecture of the city to fit all in one poster for the city.

collage 4.jpg

Symmetry Is Best

I love using symmetry in artwork. I find it most appealing to the human eye and the color palette in this collection felt very zen, but energetic at the same time with the dissolve effect I used in it. 

Hang In There

Greeting cards were a fun way to use cute animals to be able to be empathetic, but comedic at the same time.  Who wouldn't feel a little better seeing this kitten with the message "Hang In There"?


Halloween - Movie Poster

One of my favorite horror movies of all time. I felt there were so many classic scenes I could have done with this poster, but I felt this was a great photo with all the whites and blacks naturally in the photo. The typography was also a purpose choice to bring the viewer back to the 70's.

Who Ya Going To Call?

Another top movie of mine with the blend of paranormal/horror and comedy. It is a classic for me and there were so many creative directions I could have went with this poster and did. I have a few versions of it.

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