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Chicago, IL


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BTrainerFitness is a small Lincoln Park, Chicago personal trainer gym. I worked directly with the gym owner to design and develop the website on WordPress. Here is a link to the website:

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Simple and effective design based on research boosts

Approaching this solo freelance project with a end-to-end UX Design process helped design and develop a website that is easy and effective that helped BTrainerFitness hit its business goals.

Research &
Information Architecture

Competitive Analysis.png
BTrainer Fitness Site Roadmap - Sheet1.png

Doing a competitive analysis based off of secondary research and creating a roadmap after user and owner interviews helped guage most important needs of the website.


Secondary Research

Taking a look at local small personal fitness gyms that are local to Chicago was important to understand the competition. I also looked at smaller chains around the country to understand what worked for their website designs.


User Interviews

Getting a chance to talk to some of his cliental helped understand where the pain points were on the former website for them. I also got a better understanding of their wants and needs.


Owner Interview

From day one I wanted to be on the same page as the owner to know what his vision and business goals were. This helped me understand what were true needs for him to grow his business.


Information Architecture

Data analysis after research helped layout the true needs of the website for BTrainerFitness initial launch. There are wants that can be added in time, but getting the needs to bring in clients and grow the business were easy to lay out after research.


Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 4.54.44 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 5.01.48 PM.png

The Navigation Bar, Hero section, and Call-To-Action button were designed so the user could understand what the website was for, how to navigate it, and easily complete their goal.


Navigation Bar

Simple and limited options helps the user easily navigate the site without confusion of where to find the pages they are looking for.


Mission Statement

In the Goals section a clear mission statement of what BTrainer Fitness goals and what service they provide sends a clear message to the user.


Hero Section

Shows the business logo with the business address. Making sure the address was accessible so people could not use the excuse 'I couldn't find the gym to workout.'


Call-to-Action Buttons

It is important to make sure there is good color contrast so the text and Call-To-Action Buttons were clear to the user. 

Lessons Learned

This is only the beginning of the website. We hit on almost all the needs for the website to be effective and grow the business. There were a few iterations and I learned that a design is never completely finished. I took a 50/50 approach with research and design. I believe the research gave me more than enough information to effectively design a website that is simple and easy to use that makes each visit more efficient for the user.

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