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OrcaSound Project


OrcaSound Project






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This is a non-profit organization that is working to better understand the Orca Whales in the Puget Sound. The research that is being done tis to better understand their communication to find ways to better protect them.

User Researcher 

For this project I was a User Researcher working on a team with 3 other researchers. Our main goal was to make life easier for contributors to the website/app. This included UX Researchers, UX Designers, and the Development team.

List Title 

UX Research OrcaSound - Contributor Accessibility Interview Questions.jpg

This is a a list of the questions I asked. These then led to sub-questions as the interview went on. Each interview lasted around 15 - 30 minutes long depending on the converstaion.


Main Goal

We wanted to find the pain points of the current organization of files for contributors to better understand what difficulties currently cause them to be inefficient in designing or developing the website/app. 



A reoccuring theme in the interviews was a lack of community on the Slack channel. This went hand in hand with the main pain point. 


Pain Points

Everyone I interviewed said that it was difficult to access or even find the right information.


Data Analysis

After the interviews our team discussed the information and we all had similar results. Our main solution we were going to present was to have a Google Drive with folders dedicated to each position with general files for bsic information. Before my contract came up we tried to get Happy Hours going for people to just talk and meet other contributors to create a sense of community.

My main contribution was User Interview and Data Analysis.

I conducted interviews with 3 contributers to the product. The interview questions were a combination of our team all coming up with 8 - 12 questions each and then meeting virtually to discuss them. The main goal was to find the pain points, needs, and wants of the contrbutor to help make the accessibility better for them so it can be easier for them to access information they need or files to add content to.

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