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DePaul Unlocked

DePaul Unlocked is an incredible social app designed specifically for DePaul University students. Our platform connects students and fosters networking and socialising. The gamification of the app adds an element of fun to the experience, and with a point reward system in place, users have the potential for receiving incentives for their engagement with the community.


Providing exceptional user experiences is my top priority as a UX designer. My process begins with thorough user research and secondary research to uncover insights and potential areas of improvement. From there, I use brainstorming and affinity mapping to generate creative solutions and design a journey map.


Paper Prototype/User Tests

User testing is at the core of everything I do. By creating paper prototypes and gathering feedback early on in the design process, I’m able to create digital solutions that exceed my clients’ expectations. 

UI Design/User Testing

From initial sketches to final designs, my approach to UX design centers around expert prototyping, user testing, and development. With a focus on building engaging, intuitive interfaces, I’ve helped a wide range of clients achieve their goals through design. 

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.28.21 PM.png

App Walkthrough

Experience the ease and functionality of DePaul Unlocked with the comprehensive walkthrough. With help from my expert UX design teammates, we have thoughtfully crafted the product to create a seamless user experience. Explore every feature and function of our prototype, and see how effortlessly you can navigate the platform.

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