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Cuddle Bunny - Website Redesign

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Cuddle Bunny




Chicago, IL

Say hello to Cuddle Bunny - the latest in website redesign. As a UX specialist I am dedicated to providing the best user-centered experience design for my clients. I take into account user feedback to ensure seamless navigation and an eye-catching design that perfectly captures your brand.



The competitive analysis shows pros and cons of other Chicago pet experience businesses. I wanted to compare and contrast them to find out what works well for other businesses.


Secondary Research

Doing a competitve analysis across the city of Chicago gave great insight to similar businesses to better understand the needs and goals of them along with the pain points, wants, and needs of the users.


User Interviews

Understanding the demographic was important to know how the users would typically be using the website. Empathizing with them on being away from their own pets or them just wanting a pet experience helped to know their needs and wants. 


Stakeholder Interview

Talking to the owner was great to better understand what services they provide and what the goals overall are. I was able to connect with the owner since they do a lot of work with rescues also.


Data Analysis

Analyzing the data from all the research gave me more insight into the pain points of the current website.

Information Architecture


Taking all the information from research and data analysis helped design a Persona, Site Roadmap, and Sitemap.



The persona shows an average between all the users that were interviewed to get a general idea of the typical user. Normally there would be a minimum of 3 Personas', but with a timeline of 2 weeks I went with 1 Persona.



Laying out the Sitemap helped me understand how to structure the website to make it easy to navigate and make the process of booking a session efficient for the user.


Site Roadmap

The Site Roadmap was a great way to list items in order of importance. From minimum requirement for the site to run to nice to have later on.  



Using all the artifacts of Information Architecture helped me to design some wireframes of different design ideas to see what worked well and what didn't.

UI Design


Creating a UI Kit is important for any project to understand what design elements you will be using to create consistency throughout the design. 


Color Palette

For Cuddle Bunny they already had a logo and brand colors so the color palette was mostly defined already, but I made sure I knew the RGB for consistency throughout the design.


Design Elements

By including consistent design elements to the kit I was able to make sure elements like buttons, cards, navigation bar, and footer were consistent on all pages.



Similar to the color palette some of the typography used was established already. By adding in some familiar and easy to read Serif and Sans Serif typography with good font size and weight this made the readability of the website great for mobile or computer use.


Design Principles

It was extremely important to the redesign to ensure that the design principles were in line. The original site was a bit cluttered so simple principles like space and proximity were important to the redesign.

Prototyping/User Testing

Cuddle Bunny Mockup.png
Cuddle Bunny Homepage – 1.png

Before final deliver to the stakeholder of the redesign project I wanted to make sure to get it tested by users for both computer and mobile designs. Their feedback helped make iterations to improve the final design.



Creating the prototype so it was clickable and responsive was fun and challenging. The end result was a good looking design that was easy for users to complete simple tasks.



Based on user feedback I made some iterations to the first and second prototype designs. Some of the pages weren't completely consistent or buttons were hard to find in certain places. I made sure to use their direct feedback to make sure the design and prototype were easy to use.


User Testing

I was lucky enough to use some of the same users that I interviewed in the beginning of the project that were familiar with the product. This helped with consistent feedback throughout the process.


Final Delivery

After tests and iterations I was ready to deliver to the stakeholder. She was very pleased with the overall look and didn't have much feedback for changes of her own. There were minor changes that were made and now I am waiting to hear back to develop the new website.

Final Results

The delivery of a redesign was successful and now I am waiting to hear back if it will be developed for their website. I have offered my services to do so. I learned a lot from this project with it being an end-to-end product design. I got to work directly with users and the owner of the business. This was valuable to enhance my design project knowledge.

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